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Thank you for your interest in the Red Thread Financial Group, LLC. We are uniquely specialized, focusing our finance programs solely on the quilting and embroidery industries. We’re experts at providing affordable, easy financing solutions for all types of professional equipment and accessories.

If you’ve always dreamed of starting or expanding your quilting or embroidery business, and need to preserve capital, you’ve come to the right place! We can help to get you on your way to creating and selling beautiful masterpieces in no time flat.

Red Thread Financial Group, LLC reserves the right to cease, withdraw or amend any program with out prior notice at our discretion.  By accessing and using this web site, the User is deemed to have agreed to all such terms, conditions, and notices (the “Agreement”).  All programs and any approvals are based upon credit worthiness of the applicant.

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    For the last several years, our beloved politicians have made the decision to limit the deduction potential of your equipment purchases. But after almost eight years of sluggish recovery and once in a generation slowness for capital investing, the light  more…

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