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A Mother’s Day Message from Ellen Greenway…

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Spring has finally sprung and Mother’s Day is right around the corner!  In addition to being career women, most of us are mothers too.  How wonderful to have a day of recognition and celebration in honor of being a MOM – the best job ever!! 

Just like quilting, motherhood is multi-faceted.  It can be pain-staking at times and requires patience, precision, and a lot of care, but the payoff makes all the work worthwhile!
As a mother of four, I have spent plenty of time worrying and rejoicing about my children.  Quilting has been a constant in my life over the years.  The quilts I’ve made remind me of the good times, and the tough times, our family has shared over the years.

Motherhood, like quilting, has those occasional days when we may not feel super glamorous…but, each time I present a keepsake quilt to one of my kids, I feel like a STAR!  Did you know; there are MANY famous women who find comfort in the art of quilting?

  • Marie Osmond – Singer
  • Sally Field – Film Star
  • Phyllis George – 1971 Miss America and TV Personality
  • Edith Nesbit – Author
  • Vanna White – Wheel of Fortune Co-host
  • Reba McEntire – Singer and Actress

All of these working women are quilters AND mothers too!  Aren’t we in good company?  We may not be defined as “celebrities” in the traditional sense of the word, but when we quilt, we are stars in the eyes of our friends and families!

Here’s a little tip:  Each time I give a quilt away, I include a handwritten card that notes the quilt design name, the year and occasion for which it was made along with my favorite little saying…A blanket may warm the body, but a quilt warms the soul.”

Happy Mother’s Day from one mother to another!

Ellen Greenway

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