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Used Equipment

Who says that buying “new” is the best option? The Red Thread team works closely with quilting and embroidery resources to find and list used machines at reduced prices.

Check back often for unbelievable opportunities to purchase gently used equipment!

Red Thread Financial Group, LLC will finance your used equipment. Call us today for a competitive quote!!  Call or email Jaci for pricing information    888-237-3533 /

MELCO Amaya Bravo Single Head Embroidery machine located in Murfreesboro, TN
Includes the following: Embroidery Success Guide, heavy Duty Cart w/Rollers, Design Shop v9 Lite (with dongle), Bravo Operating System, Melco Start-up guide, Melco Sizer, Collectable 1000 Design Pack and accessories.
Asking $6200, buyer responsible for shipping
For further information on this machine please contact Jaci Weber at or 877-237-7287

2013 Melco Amaya XTS
Includes: DesignShop PRO Digitizing Package, DesignShop Pro V9, Pro+Option to DS Pro V9.
Amaya XTS 16 Needle embroidery machine, Amaya OS Flex+Operating Program Dongle V10, Amaya Cart, Power Cord US 110V, 2 Wide Angle Cap Frame 270-degree, Wide Angle Cap Driver, Wide Angel Cap Hooping Gauge, 2 15cm Round Hoops, 2 18cm Round Hoops, 2 30×44 Jacket back hoops, Crossover Ethernet Cable, Amaya Starter Kit, Action Illustrated 1000 Designs, Dakota Collectibles 1000 Designs.
Asking Price: $10,000
Contact: Heather Brown-Klar at 801-641-3589, Email:
AND/OR Dave Klar, Email:

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